Wine & DINE

Wine and food complement each other in so many ways, we’ve decided to share the communities’ secret recipes on our Wine and Dine page. Want to share? Please send us all your favourites!

Easter Lamb...The Portuguese way

Posted on April 18th 2019

Spring has announced its arrival but the mornings are still crisp, and the evenings still chilly. It’s Easter time and the vivid colors of fresh flowers and the first fruits fill the room, with the sound of the cosy snap of the burning wood in the fireplace.

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Paella from the Mountains …with black truffle

Posted on November 28th 2018

Grown high in the Mountains, Tempranillo grapes tend to express themselves into a rebelliously complex and fresh wine. Pair this with Mountain Rice, the elevated meaty version of the very traditional seafood paella.

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A view of the lake and Prawn skewers

Posted on November 20th 2018

We are rebelling, while those winter wonderland postcards might be dreamy, we still ache for the summer months.

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Riesling with Potato and Pumpkin Stew with Ginger

Posted on November 14th 2018

Now that the cold months are coming, and the vineyards are getting ready to settle into their winter sleep, all we think about is what will we be pairing that wine of ours with.

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Grandmother's Stew

Posted on November 7th 2018

That Grandmother's beef stew, I go for it every time the weather cools down, or my heart is tight with saudades… that warm, soft piece of meat in my mouth warms both body and soul in equal measures.

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