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The Rivetto vineyards are located on top of the Lirano hills, 400 meters above sea level, overlooking the beautiful Serralunga d'Alba. These magnificent 15 hectares of vineyards, with views stretching all the way to the top of the snowy Swiss mountains, are intertwined with 6 hectares of woodlands, 6 hectares of nut trees and 1 hectare dedicated to alternative crops. The well-know quality of the soils of Serralunga, supported by this rich biodiversity play a role gigantic role in the outstanding quality of the wines made here.

On top of the hill, this premium 1000 m2 vineyard plot is located at an elevation of 365 m high with a premium view to Serralunga d'Alba castle and the snowy peaks of the Swiss mountains.

With its premium location and maturation in three- and four-year-old French oak barriques, the wines made from this vineyard are a very serious cellaring proposition.

Rivetto family is building a sustainable biodiversity dreamland, where the abundance of woodlands, ecological corridors, fruit trees, herb gardens make for blissful walks.


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Rivetto Red

This is a single-estate 100% Barbera wine produced at 365 m high, from an average of 70-year-old vines.

Aged in large neutral oak casks, this wine is extremely refined as it pairs a powerful fruity aroma with low tannins, long powerful taste in the mouth, and high color intensity. Very suitable for being aged. 

Pair perfectly with cheeses, plates of pasta, vitello tonnato, to name a few.  

For 100 square metersyou get an average of 93 bottles, and the harvest of 2019 will be delivered around January 2021.

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Package 1


Starting from €€3088 inc 21% VAT *differs per country for 100m2 (approx. 93 bottles)

  • Status updates about the phases your vineyard is going through
  • Inside access to the story of Enrico (the producer) and Rivetto Vineyards.
  • Get your wine shipped to your door in personalized bottles
  • Exclusive items to show the world you have a vineyard
  • Get a personalized guided tour to the Rivetto Estate & the inside of the Cellar 
  • Shipment of 2 times 3 bottles of previous vintages ( September 2019 and September 2020) while you wait for your wine to be ready. 

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Package 2


Starting from €€4036 inc 21% VAT *differs per country for 400m2 (approx. 373 bottles)

  • Everything included in package 1
  • Shipment of 2 times 6 bottles of previous vintages and wines ( September 2019 and September 2020) while you wait for your wine to be ready. 

  • 1 night stay for 2 at Rivetto Suits in the center of beautiful Alba. 

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Package 3


Starting from €€20501 inc 21% VAT *differs per country for 700m2 (approx. 653 bottles)

  • Everything included in package 2
  • 2 night stay for 4 at Rivetto Suits in the center of beautiful Alba

  • A private dinner for 4 with the winemaker Enrico Rivetto with a vertical of Barolos.

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Sustainability Criteria


With an ambitious biodiversity plan in mind, we regularly plant different varieties of trees and plants in the vineyard, vegetable gardens and build nests for birds. We strive to achive an ecosystem balance, far beyond the balance in the vineyards alone. 

No use of chemicals or systemic treatments.

We're also planting barley, oats, and clover in the vineyard, to keep the soil alive. We're keeping the soil soft, in order to avoid stress for the vines' roots, we use natural products to reduce the impact of chemicals and we produce our own compost.

Carbon Footprint

The footprint of glass bottles. For still wines, we only use glass bottles that don’t exceed 550gr/ bottle, therefore minimizing not only the amount of glass used but also the pollution related to the transport of heavier rainwater. 

Water Management

Water is life, it's precious, it's scarce. It's above all a value in itself and it needs to be respected and protected. We optimize the use of waters in a small collection lake, reactivating the wells already present in our lands and the integration of artificial tanks: recycling of rainwater to use in the cellar, to water the vegetable garden and all gardens of the winery is a way to preserve the local "water value".

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