Staffelter Hof, Germany

Staffelter Hof is a small farm based in Kröv, a lively and romantic little town located at one of the most beautiful bends of the Mosel river. Kröv was settled by the Celts, then the Romans who introduced and cultivated wine in the area. Most likely one of the oldest wineries in the world, Staffelter Hof dates far back to AD 862, when King Lothar II great-grandson of Carl the Great donated the winery to the monastery of Stavelot (hence the name “Staffelter”) a small town nowadays situated in Belgium, 130 km away from the Mosel river. In 1805 the last “manager”, the family’s ancestor Peter Schneiders, bought the winery back from Napoleon, and since then this winery has been family run and concentrating all their effort into producing the world-renowned “Mosel Rieslings”. The surname 'Klein' has been associated with the winery for over 100 years; Killian Klein married the granddaughter and heir of Peter Schneiders.

Today, three generations of the Klein family work hand-in-hand to honour the heritage. Jan Matthias Klein, together with Gerd and Gundi Klein own Staffelter Hof. Jan Matthias Klein leads the winemaking process. Gerd Klein, well renowned for his direct yet festive nature and trademark moustache, maintains and nurtures the vines ensuring an ever-improving harvest. With an encyclopedic knowledge of wine culture and local history, a conversation with Gerd (over a glass of wine) is an experience not to be missed. Gundi Klein, the heart of the family, takes care of the guest rooms ensuring that your visit is as comfortable as possible, and includes a traditional German breakfast buffet.

This steep slope vineyards, with a breathtaking view over the Mosel valley, are 100 organically farmed, producing the world-renowned and acclaimed Mosel Rieslings. A holistic approach to farming and winemaking, with no resources to herbicides and the maximum care to avoid water misuse or environmental pollution results in the clearest, fresh and quaffable wines. Nowhere else in the world does Riesling grow with such finesse and elegance. 

Riesling is an unbelievably diverse variety, with an almost unbeatable capacity to bring forth diverse age-worthy wines. Remarkable land, loved and farmed with integrated practices and world aged knowledge producing superior wines, capable of a broad spectrum of taste, much as young as old. Because if there is a wine capable of gracefully withstanding time, that is a Mosel Riesling for sure. 

Staffelter Hof White

A mineral and mouth-watering white wine, with pear and pineapple aromas, made from the grape variety Riesling 10,5% alcohol on average. This wine is an all-around wine pairable with almost any foods, but it expresses it selfs best with rich and/or spicy food. 

20 square meters produce an average of 12 bottles for this type of wine, and the harvest of 2018 will be delivered around April 2019.

Sustainability Criteria



We have moved away from monoculture farming by introducing species other than vines such as trees and cover crops, in a stride, to increase biodiversity in our grounds. This presence of woods and varied flora, a well as a prohibition of hunting on our grounds, encourages the diversity of fauna such as wild animals and insects.

We maintain a year-round soil vegetative cover that facilitates rainfall infiltration and slows down the movement of water downslopes, thus keeping nutrients in the soil

We don’t neither use herbicides nor insecticides in our vineyards 


We collect rainwater (over 30000liter capacity) to water the gardens around the guesthouse. 

We also produce our own electricity and hot water for the guesthouse with solar panels. 

We do not irrigate our vineyards.


We don’t use any chemicals to clean our tanks and barrels and floors, just water and scrubbing.

We don’t use heavy glass bottles. For still wines, we only use glass bottles that don’t exceed 500g/ bottle, therefore minimizing not only the amount of glass used but also the pollution related to the transport of heavier bottles.

Sustainable and Fair

We strive to use workers that live close to the company, as well as local suppliers, as much as possible.This plays an important role in supporting local development but also minimizing pollution by transport.

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