Selva Capuzza, Italy

Selva Capuzza is a small farm located 4 km south of Lake Garda’s coast in a very exclusive area. Selva Capuzza is the ancient name of the locality, in fact, some countryside areas situated at the south of the lake were called “Silvae” ( wild place) during Roman times. The property is a little ecological oasis: inside of it, hunting is prohibited, so that the wild animals (hares, foxes, pheasant, squirrels, owls) can stay and thrive in safe and peaceful Selva Capuzza.

In the estate, you can find a myriad of olive trees, woods that started as an old truffle plantation, wide-open spaces dedicated to biodiversity, a park with secular mulberries and two little ponds. 870 of dreamy walking steps, wandering through vineyards, meadows, the truffle plantation with its oaks, hornbeams and willows, separate restaurant Cascina Capuzza from Agriturismo Borgo San Donino.

This vineyard is located at a high position at the beginning of the hills of Lake Garda’s morainic amphitheatre, on the “hood” close to the Tower of S.Martino Della Battaglia. Not only is this vineyard one of the highest but also one of the oldest in the estate. The Formentini family has been making wines since 1917 and is proud of working only with native grape varieties – you won’t find any Merlot or Chardonnay here! The estate’s wines are all made in the cellar, situated between Cascina Capuzza and Borgo San Donino agriturismo. The team in charge of the winemaking process is led by Luca Formentini, with the help of a cellarman, a winemaker and an agronomist.

In this whimsical place, deep and constant care is dedicated to sustainable farming and local development.  Through a rich and complex combination of practices, like zero resources to herbicides, advanced water management systems to minimise water spillage, careful selection of local materials and labour to reduce Co2 emissions and pollution to its lowest while supporting the development of the local community, to name just a few.

Remarkable land, farmed with knowledge and love, producing a white wine of superior finesse and complexity. The wines from this vineyard are among the top 10 most highly rated Lugana – Lombardy wines.

Selva Capuzza White

A mineral and fragrant white wine made from the grape variety Turbiana. 

13% alcohol on average. Pairs beautifully with chicken, grilled fish or truffle tagliatelle. 

25 square meters produce an average of 27 bottles for this type of wine, and the harvest of 2018 will be delivered around April 2019.

Sustainability Criteria



We are moving away from monoculture farming. The presence of other species other than vines such as trees and cover crops, in a stride to increase biodiversity in our grounds. This presence of woods and varied flora, a well as a prohibition of hunting on our grounds, encourages the diversity of fauna such as wild animals and insects. 

We maintain a year-round soil vegetative cover that facilitates rainfall infiltration and slows down the movement of water downslopes, thus keeping nutrients in the soil

We don’t use herbicides.

We make use of pest traps and other organic pest management systems. 

Water waste

To minimize water waste, we favour well managed irrigation methods, like controlled drop-irrigation


Reducing the footprint of our wine making process

Footprint of glass bottles. For still wines, we only use glass bottles that don’t exceed 550gr/bottle , therefore minimizing not only the amount of glass used but also the pollution related to the transport of heavier bottles. 

Footprint of cardboard packaging. We only use cardboard packaging that has no plastic lining. 

Water Treatment

All the water used for cellar sanitation is collected and treated either by Selva Capuzza or by third parties. 

Sustainable and fair

We strive to use workers that live close to the company, as well as local suppliers, as much as possible.This plays and important role in supporting local development but also minimizing pollution by transport. 

We have a low employee rotation. This plays and important role in supporting local development and provides training and expertise development of the local community. It proves that the employer/employee relationship is mutually beneficial. 

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