Vinyes del Terrer


- Information -

This vineyard from Vinyes del Terrer is part of a 7 ha family owned Wine-Estate located close to Tarragona and at only 2 km away from the sea and surrounded by olive groves, orange groves and carob trees. The vineyard is 20 meters elevated above sea level, which provides a stable climate of 15ºC on average throughout the year: soft regulated temperatures for constant sea breezes. The combination of the constant sea breezes and the rather particular soil, made of The lumaquela, a calcareous detrital sedimentary rock formed by shell fossils, produces wines of notorious minerality and freshness. 2 kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea. Constant breezes give freshness and optimal maturity to the grapes. Calcareous clay called Lumaquela where abundant incrustations of marine fossils are to be found, ideal for the healthy growth of 
the innermost parts of the vine. Garnacha tinta 85% and Cabernet Sauvignon 15%. Pure Mediterranean wine notes of red and black fruit over a mineral background marked by salinity. Aged for 14 months in old French oak, this wine will age gracefully showing its potential in the next 15 years.

- Information -

My name is Eduard Morell and I'm the owner together with my father of Vinyes del Terrer, a family Cellar situated in Vila-seca, next to Tarragona in Spain, in front of the mediterranean Sea. This estate has been in our family for more than 100 years, and in 1989 we started sustainably recovering the 7 ha Wine-Estate that is now producing our terroir-driven markedly Mediterranean wines. We became pure transmitters of the personality of a singular terroir formed by the lumaquella soil and proximity to the Mediterranean sea just two kilometres away.

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vinyes del terrer red

This is a single-estate wine of elegant complexity with notes of red and black fruit over a mineral background marked by salinity. Minerality from the lumaquela soil is pungent, savory and persistent, quite unique. The wine has rounded tannins, fine and elegant, mature fruit with excellent acidity that maintains freshness and length on the finish.

For 200 square meters, you get 66 bottles for this type of wine, and the harvest of 2021 will be delivered around December 2023.

- Rewards -

Package 1

200 - 800m2

200m2 yields on average 66 bottles

  • Status updates about the phases your vineyard is going through
  • Inside access to the story of Eduard (the producer) and Vinyes del Terrer
  • Get your wine shipped to your door in personalised bottles
  • Come and experience the harvest, harvest meal and an educational vertical Vinyes del Terrer tasting (2 persons)

Package 3

1800 - 2000m2

1800m2 yields on average 594 bottles

  • Everything included in package 1
  • Come and experience the harvest and a harvest meal (4-6 persons)
  • An educational tour of the cellar with a vertical tasting of 4 different vintages of Vinyes del Terrer (2-6 persons)
  • Get a weekend stay near Vinyes del Terrer (2 persons)
  • Get full artistic freedom to design your own label

- Sustainability Criteria -

We have moved away from monoculture farming by introducing species other than vines such as trees and cover crops, in a stride, to increase biodiversity in our grounds. This presence of woods and varied flora encourages the diversity of fauna such as wild animals and insects.
We don’t either use herbicides nor insecticides in our vineyards, only small amounts of copper, sulfur and algae treatments to protect our vineyards.
We make use of solar panels to produce our electricity and to heat the water used for cellar and barrel hygiene.
We strive to use workers that live close to the company, as well as local suppliers, as much as possible. This plays an important role in supporting local development but also minimizing pollution by transport.
A low employee rotation, establishes a strong bond with the local community, providing training and expertise development. But mostly, our family business belongs to a bigger regional network of people and families leading honest sustainable businesses.

- The vineyard in pictures -

Vinyes del Terrer 7
Vinyes del Terrer 6
Vinyes del Terrer 5
Vinyes del Terrer 4
Vinyes del Terrer 3
Vinyes del Terrer 2
Vinyes del Terrer 1