Serveaux Fils


- Information -

Serveaux Fils is a small, fifteen-hectare family-run estate, located on the best hillsides in Méandre de Passy, Champagne. Experts in the Meunier grape, the Serveaux family has managed to give a new lease of life to this grape variety, that was so disparaged a few years ago. They are true keepers of its genetic and cultural legacy. Historical vineyard in the heart of the Marne Valley. A terroir driven champagne made from 100% Pinot Meunier. Veritable pioneers of the Pinot Meunier grape ans sustainably certified champagne. An estate that was started by uprooting a walnut tree and grew to become a biodiversity keeper

- Information -

This small exclusive vineyard is located on Passy sur Marne, a typical village surrounded by the slopes in the heart of the Marne Valley. The Serveaux family has been making premium champagne from the Meunier grape, since the 1950s, when Georges Serveaux first established the farm. The wines are still made in the house that was built with the stones that Georges Serveaux unearthed to plant his first vines.

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This champagne, partially vinified in oak barrels, has a slightly pinkish robe with pale golden highlights. Its lively, seductive mouth reveals the subtle aromas of red berries with notes of freshly cut hay and ripe wheat. Its finish is characterized by the minerality of Meuniers from
Passy sur Marne.

100 square meters produce an average of 85 bottles for this type of wine, and the harvest of 2021 will be delivered around June 2025.

- Rewards -

Package 1

100 - 300m2

100m2 yields on average 85 bottles

  • Status updates about the phases your vineyard is going through
  • Inside access to the story of Serveaux and Fils
  • Get your wine shipped to your door in personalized bottles
  • Certificate of vineyard adoption via Grapekeeper
  • Get a personalized guided tour to the Serveaus et Fils estate
  • Shipment of 4 times 3 bottles of different champagne profiles (1bottle 100%Meunier,1 bottle vintage, 1 bottle Blanc de noirs (October 2019,October 2020, October21and October 2022) while you wait for your wine to be ready.

Package 3

700 - 1200m2

700m2 yields on average 597 bottles

  • Everything included in package 2
  • A private dinner for the client and 3 of their guest with the winemaker Hugo Serveaux with a vertical of Champagne

- Sustainability Criteria -

This vineyard is Sustainably certified “HVE” (= High Environmental Value) and “VDC” (Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne. An healthy, biodiverse and balanced soil and ecosystem is sustained and encouraged by: maintaining a year round cover crop in between the vines or adding compost and organic supplements such as bactériosol to enrichen the soils. All other treatments to the vines are organic and no use is made of chemical weeding.
The footprint of glass bottles. All bottles are of reduced weight and also locally produced, minimizing not only the amount of glass used but also the pollution related to the transport of heavier rainwater. Choosing locally produced bottles we also strive to support local development.
The turn-over at this family owned vineyard is very low, as the majority of the employees have been in the company for at least 10 years in our structure. All of the employees are locals to the village and live no further than 15 kms from the domain. The domain regularly trains all the employees regarding sustainable living and farming.

- The vineyard in pictures -

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